Rough seas this weekend

The island’s coastlines are in for a battering this weekend and seabathing is expected to be a no-no. Barbados Meteorological Services issued a high surf advisory and small craft warning this evening “until further notice”.

Acting Director, Hampden Lovell, urged small craft operators and sea bathers to “exercise extreme caution and/or stay out of the water until the conditions subside” and advised coastal residents to “take all necessary precautions since some coastal flooding is possible”.

“A High-Surf Advisory is in effect for large battering waves and dangerous rip currents mainly along the northern, eastern and western coastlines of Barbados particularly during Sunday and Monday,” the advisory stated.

“A small craft Warning is in effect for above-normal northerly swells. A small-craft Warning means that winds-speeds of 25 to 33 knots (29 to 38mph) and/or seas greater than nine feet will produce hazardous marine conditions within the next 36 hours.”

Meteorological officials said northerly swells generated by a deep low pressure system were moving southwards over the north Atlantic and would begin to affect the most of the coastlines of Barbados this weekend.

“Initially swells will range between two to 2.5 metres (seven to eight feet), but will gradually increase to between 3.0 to 3.5 metres (10 and 11 feet) by Monday and are forecasted to remain above-normal into the latter part of next week,” Lovell noted.

“These swells will produce large breaking waves which will create unsafe conditions for small craft and sea-bathers. This action also has the potential to create significant beach erosion especially at the time of high tide.” (SC)

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