Praise on the high seas

highnotepraiseonhighseasWho said Christians can’t have fun?

Well, they better think again.

Last Saturday evening, hundreds of them boarded the Jolly Roger vessel from the lower Careenage and went about six miles out to sea for the time of their lives.

On board the crowded upper and lower decks, the church goers enjoyed several hours of exciting deejay gospel music, as well as live performances from the likes of queen of gospel, Sister Margreta Marshall and the beloved doyen of vocal music, Allison Norville-Forde.

That wasn’t all. There was also a session of karaoke that attracted the good, the not so good and the in-between.

Of course, what is a cruise without food. Some plates appeared to be full and running over, others moderate to a little.

Among the passengers taking in the entertaining and inspiring occasion, was Senator Dr. David Durant, who said the prayer before the boat set sail along the West Coast, where it turned around at Holetown, St. James.

The out-to-sea church event, was the brainchild of CITA Radio, which, as coordinator Carita Dee explained, was aimed at bringing all the loyal listeners together as a show of appreciation for accepting the gospel station.

“People have cried out for a gospel station,” Dee added.

As part of the station’s gratitude, passengers who could not afford the $95 tickets, but were still provided with the means to cruise, were requested to testify about their “miracles”.

Some told of “just calling in and being given free tickets”, while others, especially a mother of seven, spoke of how fellow listeners felt moved to give them tickets.

Those little children, who have become quite popular due to their on-air pronouncements, like the “hallilujah girl”, also took the spot light by shouting hallilujah between deejay songs or saying a pledge from the Bible.

That cruise is worth a follow up.

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