House to be provided for sextuplets

PORT-OF-SPAIN – Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal said yesterday the State would look at providing a house for the sextuplets and their parents.

History was created in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean on Monday with the birth of sextuplets to parents Kieron Cummings, 29, a bank worker, and Petra Lee Foon, 28, a teacher.

On Wednesday, Cummings said a home was of top priority as he lived with his parents in Arima and Lee Foon lived with her parents in Chaguanas.

He said an application was made to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) two or three years ago.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Moonilal said he has looked at Cummings’ application and there was no contact number on it, but he later got one and will be in contact with him (Cummings).

The minister said he would ensure an assessment is done on the family and the process will be followed.

Asked whether there would be a speeding up of the process, Moonilal noted the babies would need a home to go to when they were discharged from hospital.

He stressed however there was no policy at the HDC to cater for parents who have twins, triplets or quadruplets, or even sextuplets, and expressed concern that parents would expect the ministry to provide housing for their families.

The Express understands that Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh is moving to ensure the parents of the sextuplets receive a number of grants available through the ,inistry, which includes grants for clothing, medication, furniture and more.

The babies will be given units from the Unit Trust as well, courtesy the ministry. (Trinidad Express)

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