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Bahamas looking to UK for help

Bahamas looking to UK for help

NASSAU – Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson said she is seeking assistance from the United Kingdom’s attorney general to help clean up the country’s magistrates court system, which suffers from inefficient case management.

“[Last week] I was in London on business and saw the attorney general of the UK who committed to assisting us in revamping our magistrates court and that’s something that we’re looking at,” Maynard-Gibson told The Nassau Guardian during a recent interview.

“The magistrates court is the front line of justice and things don’t run as smoothly as we would like to see them run.

“So within a month, after I’ve had a chance to put in place what I need to put in place, get Cabinet to approve it and get the assistance we need from the UK, and of course the consent of the chief justice, we’ll be announcing the changes that we’d like to see happening with the magistrates court, so that front line of justice, where most people experience justice is made much more welcoming and efficient.”

Maynard-Gibson said case management is one of the components that she is looking to improve upon.

“What happens is somebody will be charged, a matter will be set down for trial or for a hearing, you come to court that day, sometimes you come in from the Family Islands, and the matter is adjourned,” she said. (Nassau Guardian)

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