The Wright vibes

by Leigh-Ann Worrell

callumwrightuphighHis song Summertime has become one of the most requested songs at Mixx 96.9 FM over the past few weeks, with the accompanying video gaining almost 8 000 hits on YouTube.

The quirky, reggae-infused tune was influenced by, you guessed it, summer.

“The summer of 2012 was the best one for me by far. I just had a really good time that year,” the 19-year-old told Barbados TODAY in a short, but fun telephone interview. “By September all of my friends had left Barbados and returned to university overseas… I was looking through the pictures one day, and I wish I could rewind to those summer days.”

The Queen’s College alumni was also inspired by one of his friend’s Facebook status, which reminisced about the sunny, sandy days in Barbados while in the throes of cold, North American weather.

He wrote the song that month and created a demo for the song on the Macbook programme Garage Band before sending it to producer Fabian Minim Worrell.

Summertime was released on Facebook first before moving onto radio release three days later.

As with any new artist, the joy of hearing your song on the radio for the first time was an overwhelming experience for Wright.

“I first heard it on the radio on a Friday afternoon. I was sitting in the car in a supermarket carpark and I started to cry. I know it sounds pathetic and I hate to admit that I cried, but I have really been working hard four years,” he said.

Even though Wright’s passion for music was clear from just one telephone conversation, it was well concealed from former classmates. His path to music came through a love for writing stories, which evolved into song writing. Soon after, the teenager put his voice to the test. Marissa Lindsay helped to hone the diamond in the rough, making his voice studio ready.

“I was not involved in music at all when I was at school. I was mostly into track with my brother Matthew. I did CARIFTA, broke a few records at inter-school sports and I loved cross-country… I kept my music on the low because I wanted the “wow” factor when my classmates finally heard it,” he added with a laugh.

Wright admits his school friends are still impressed.

Riding high on the heat Summertime has radiated, Wright is about to release another single in April. His hope is to become signed, showing preference to a UK-based label.

On the local circuit, look out for the rising star at school performances with plans for a weekly gig to begin shortly.

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