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Round robin badminton continues

Round robin badminton continues
Isaiah Foster (right) returns to Ricardo Bertrand.

Isaiah Foster (right) returns to Ricardo Bertrand.

The much touted slogan, “Disability is not inability” held true yesterday, when students of the Learning Centre took hold of their annual badminton competition and showed what they could do.

Under the guidance of coach, Mariama Eastmond, five student began a round robin three-day competition that will culminate next week with the crowning of a winner.

Students Ricardo Bertrand, Jashon Alleyne, Romario Mayers, Sherlock Nedd and Isaiah Foster, played impressive two-set matches against each other to see who would go down to the wire and the finals next week.

Eastmond explained that Bertrand was not only the reigning school champion, but the inter-school champion two years running as well, and Bertrand himself indicated he was more than prepared to defend his title.

So far, he has defeated each of the students he has played against, beating Nedd, 21-2 and 21-1; and Foster in the afternoon competition 21-4; 21-3. Foster put up a fight though, rallying strong against his taller counterpart.

Likewise, Mayers proved himself one to watch when he defeated Alleyne 21-11, 21-8 and will probably be Bertrand’s toughest competition come next week.

The competition was initially intended to be concluded in two days, but the competitiveness of the students meant that some of the rounds lasted a little longer.

The event falls into the celebrated Month of the Disabled currently being recognised in Barbados under the theme, Remove Barriers to create an Inclusive and Accessible Society for All.

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