Pitcher on course

Solo world record-breaking rower Charlie Pitcher is slated to sail into Port St Charles on March 14.

The British adventurer is on course to break the current world record for the fastest individual to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat. †Reports via his blog indicate that thus far Pitcher’s rowing effort has been both mentally and physically taxing. He has encountered extremely harsh weather while rowing an average of 16 hours a day. †

He also endured one situation where his boat rolled upside down after being hit by a massive wave that left him with a minor head injury and the possibility of boat damage. To become the world’s fastest ocean rower, Pitcher must beat the current Atlantic record of 40 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes set in January 2012. Pitcher set off from La Gomera, off the northwestern coast of Africa in January, bound for Antigua, 3000 miles west across the Atlantic Ocean.†

“End of day 27 – The hardest day so far and it still continues…. I find myself down below for the first time since early this morning as the temperature has been a staggering 39∫C with no wind. I have drunk over twelve litres of water and only managed one mile an hour during the day as the sun has sucked all the energy from me. However, as the sun has dropped this evening, I’ve managed to get that up to three miles an hour. I am now experiencing a NNW breeze against me which I’ve rowed through for the last two hours, but it’s tapered off and I’m getting a quick break to rest, eat and write this blog before going back on the oars for midnight when an easterly wind is due. Oh I do pray it comes….. I am shattered,” Pitcher wrote in his last blog yesterday, while indicating he had about 517 miles to go.

Pitcher, who does a lot of charity work, has previously participated in the 2010 Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race in aid of Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. In 2009 he preceded his Atlantic crossing with the 151-mileMarathon Des Sablesin the Sahara Desert, considered the toughest foot race on Earth. Having completed numerous marathons in the past, this was his most significant running-challenge to date and despite a minor knee injury he managed to achieve a top 100 finish.

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