Parliament’s catwalk

by Latoya Burnham

St. James South MP Donville Inniss and his wife Gail before heading up the stairs to Parliament.
St. James South MP Donville Inniss and his wife Gail before heading up the stairs to Parliament.

If the opening of Parliament could be compared to the red carpet at the Oscars, then definitely the trends today would have been colour, interesting hats and fascinators, and overall, “repping Bajan designers.

Indeed, one of the most wonderful aspects of today’s fashion would undoubtedly be the fact that so many politicians took the time to seek out Barbados’ hottest designers, from Nefertari to Pauline Bellamy, Christina Adams and Pat Brathwaite.

Though black, white, cream and gold seemed staples for the women, it was the greens, blues, oranges, peach, pinks and purples that stood out above all else, and where there was that pop of colour, there seemed to be a local designer behind it.

So let’s get down to the nitty, gritty. We’ve decided to do this in a best dressed kinda category, similar to what they do for the major awards we all see on television. That perhaps will put some of it into perspective — and believe me it was no easy task.

Best dressed male was a tough one and at the end of the day the jury is still out. Definitely in the runnings would have been MPs David Estwick, Edmund Hinkson, Michael Lashley, Ronald Jones, Stephen Lashley, George Payne, Jeffrey Bostic and Senator Wilfred Abrahams. Estwick definitely played to his strong suit (pun intended) and stuck with brown, which always favours him, with a pop of colour in his peachy/orange tie, while Hinkson would have undoubted caught a few eyes in his dark suit with turquoise tie, gold tie pin and black shoes.

Jones stuck to national colours admirably and they complemented him; Stephen’s green Nefertari tie gave his dark suit that added oomph; Payne was a picture of elegance in grey with red; and Bostic and Abrahams were suave also in dark suits and red ties. But Michael Lashley was my dark horse, no pun intended here, because his grey suit with pink and grey and white tie made him a dashing figure.

The women now — even harder to judge. The hottest steppers were Cynthia Forde in Adams’ Nia Christ Designs; Beverley Smith-Hinkson; Margaret Estwick in Pat Brathwaite; Paulavette Kellman in Shannon Burnett and Deborah Lashley in Nefertari.

At the end of it, I could not choose a winner because the ladies were simply stunning from head to toe and on some heads were equally gorgeous hats and fascinators, like Lashley’s who wore it the best.

Best dressed couples would have gone to the Estwicks, the Lashleys, Adriel and Gailene Brathwaite, and Abrahams and partner Natalie Jones.

But the cutest and therefore the award I left for last would have been the best dressed family award, which without a doubt had to go to Jeffrey Bostic and his daughters, Akeima and Renice. These two young women did dad proud, with Akeima dressed in a long black and white over coat and red dress beneath, while her sister wore a cute off-white number.

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