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Island Army taking over

Island Army taking over

islandarmyLast year, there were armed with Modern Warfare.

This year, Island Army is back with Avengers for the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill’s carnival for 2013.

One of the band leaders, Jason Simmons told Barbados TODAY the theme was decided on the day after the university’s jump up last year.

“I was talking to one of the other band leaders, and I said the theme for the next year should be superheroes, since the costumes they wear look really good..,” he said.

Based on characters from Marvel Comics and brought to life by designer Ramona McCollin, this year’s costumes will feature Miss America, Black Widow, Miss Marvel and Miss H for the ladies and Captain America, Superman, Iron Man and Hulk for the men.

Simmons added that Island Army, also helmed by band leaders Marlon Greene and Kwesi Trotman, was encouraged into a sophomore year by the response from its debut which catered for 250 revellers.

“Everyone on the road had a really good time, so now we are looking for 250-plus because of the good response we got.”

Registration started last week, and while it was going slowly, Simmons noted people were showing interest.

As for the costs associated with the venture, the band leader said it was not as expensive as putting a band on the road for Crop-Over, as the university covered the music and drink trucks, as well as security.

That does not mean that they will be out of the Kadooment, however.

Simmons revealed Island Army would be working with Power X 4’s Chetwin Stuart to produce a section of the popular carnival band. (LW)

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