by Leigh-Ann Worrell

krofyahforbajanvibesVenomous, angry and aggressive.

Sitting on just under a quarter century on the music scene, lead singer of krosfyah Edwin Yearwood has asserted he was tired of the recent disrespect from local promotion circles.

As a result, the band was determined to show just how much firepower was still left in krosfyah come Crop-Over 2013. “Too many people taking krosfyah for granted and disrespecting krosfyah and I believe the years [the band] has put into soca and sacrificed to represent this country shouldn’t go down… [like] it is, so we are going to take a stand…,” Yearwood asserted in an interview with the media after the band’s performance at the LIME Soca Xplosion on Saturday night.

During krofyah’s hour-long set, the multiple-award winning soca star expressed slight displeasure on being the first act of the night, to which the audience agreed. He also encouraged the growing crowd to show support to all local artistes.

“Being around the industry for a long time, there are certain promoters – not the people, the people are always with krosfyah – who are doing their best to bring Krosfyah down. I dare say it is even political… We are not worried about it, but we need to stamp our authority before it is too late, because rumours may not always be the truth but at the end of the day they can be powerful,” the singer added.

In order to stamp krosfyah’s authority, Yearwood stated it would stick to the formula that has served them well throughout the years, along with some new additions.

“We gonna do what we always do: we are going to put out some fantastic songs, we gonna package ourselves and go with the people and be with the people more… and just enjoy ourselves. That’s what it is going to be about.”

In addition, Yearwood said the band will release more music this year, comprising the usual offerings of power soca and groovy soca songs with some “different” flair. Another well-established local artiste, Peter Peter Ram Wiggins, has also noticed the decreasing lack of respect for local artistes, and was willing to work this grouse into the 2013 incarnation of his moniker.

“I feel my name for 2013 will be Two Grand…,” he told the media on Saturday night before hitting the stage. “[The name] will bring money to mind and remind them that you gotta pay people…” Represented by Pyramid Entertainment, Wiggins encouraged younger artistes to seek management, so they could put their efforts into the music. “There are some promoters that when they see the big money they don’t want to pay… and telling the artistes to come back next week … and next thing you know they run away with the money. You need someone to take care of the financials …,” he said. “At the end of the day you can’t do everything, you have to concentrate on making the music, sitting in the studio and recording or going onstage. You gotta make haste and sing quick so you can run and get catch the [promoter].” leighannworrell@barbadostoday.bb

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