Farmers warned of drought

ST JOHN’S – A dismal rainfall forecast is a sign of a grim prognosis for the nation’s farmers.

This is according to extension officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Owalabi Elabanjo, who said farmers would not be experiencing relief from the drought-like conditions on island any time soon.

“Based on the information that we are hearing from APUA, some of the farmers, if not all of the farmers, would suffer,” the extension officer said.

This comes just a week after the Meteorological Office dubbed last month as the driest February in over 70 years. And on the heels of that announcement, Antigua Public Utilities Authority Production Engineer, Ian Lewis, said water levels are at critical mass – with about four to five months of surface water available.

“Our major source of surface water is in Potworks Dam and those reservoirs in the centre of the island in Bendals. Presently, we have five reservoirs and of those five, two are basically empty,” Lewis said.

The production engineer warned that if the amount of rain did not increase by June or July, the nation would be out of surface water in both areas.

As water rationing generally follows rainfall lulls, Elabanjo is urging APUA to keep the ministry in the loop so they can, in turn, inform farmers. (Antigua Observer)

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