‘Dastardly plot’

Most of the comments I have heard “on the street” and read on the blogs recently confirm for me two very unfortunate things that have been quite evident for some time now:

1. Despite the sweet empty mouthings to the contrary, Barbadians have very little respect or concern for teachers, their plight and the conditions under which they must operate;

2. Despite society’s collective hypocritical wringing of its hands and perpetual lament about the spiralling of standards, Barbadians have no qualms about supporting a man who has been uncovered as a “manipulator of students” to continue as principal — as incredible as that must sound to any serious educator or child-rights activist.

The ludicrous transfer scheme that was perpetrated on our education system at the beginning of this year was a dastardly plot which had its origins in nothing noble or pedagogical; it was spawned with no desire or vision to build or develop (certainly not students!) but to destroy; it was inflicted by a ministry ironically responsible for Human Resource Development but with nary a clue of how to achieve or any intention of ever achieving such.

I’m not at all surprised that so many of our bright young minds, after analysing how our society thinks and responds and the manner in which the Ministry of Education acts, have absolutely no desire to become teachers.

And why on earth should they wish to place themselves as the doormat and in many instances, the scapegoat, of an uncaring, hypocritical Barbadian society?

— Lionel James

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