Trini woman delivers first sexuplets

Dr. Bharath Bassaw speaks of the delivery experience.
Dr. Bharath Bassaw speaks of the delivery experience.

PORT OF SPAIN – The first sextuplets in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean were delivered yesterday at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital.

They are premature and are currently on ventilator support.

The six babies – three boys and three girls whose weight ranged from one pound, nine ounces to three pounds – were delivered via Caesarian section.

All babies were taken out of their mother’s womb in three minutes – a feat that surprised even doctors.

Chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority, Dr Shehenaz Mohammed, and head of the hospital’s Obstetrics Unit, Dr Bharath Bassaw, as well as nursing heads and staff yesterday spoke about the historic births at a news conference at the hospital.

Bassaw was one of the two surgeons who delivered the babies along with a staff of 18 doctors and nurses – a team that was put in place to support the 42 staff members in the unit.

Bassaw said the babies were still “critical” and the mother was in a stable condition but will be monitored to ensure she was not bleeding excessively and in no danger.

The babies, he said, were “fragile” and gradually, if all goes well, they will be weaned off and be fed breast milk.

Bassaw said for now the babies will be given drips and antibiotics to ensure there are no infections. They will be kept warm and staff will monitor them for jaundice, he added.

“The smallest one will do the best, because of the decreased growth that baby is going to be very tough and it’s a female and the female babies do better than male babies,” he said.

He added that it was possible there were twins or triplets of the six but this will be verified later as the mother’s placenta was being examined.

The 28-year-old mother was due to deliver the babies on March 14, but Bassaw explained the surgery had to be done earlier because her condition deteriorated and she had problems breathing.

Mohammed, he said, held a three-hour meeting on Sunday where he had to justify calling for early surgery.

“I can tell you it has been a difficult and stressful journey. We got this patient when she was seven weeks, we took her just past 30 weeks,” said Bassaw.

He said it was a “fantastic team effort” and all staff delivered their 100 per cent best effort. (Express)

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