Prescod thanks constituents

trevorprescodcelebratesAfter the disappointment of losing in 2008, Trevor Prescod had the opportunity last weekend to thank the people in St. Michael East for another chance at representation. It unfolded during a victory motorcade on Saturday.

Setting off from his constituency office in My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael just after 3 p.m., Prescod and supporters made their way through Martinique Road, Government Hill, Howell’s Cross Roads, Two Mile Hill, St. Barnabas, Mapp Hill, Cutting Road, Pasture Road, Salters, Lower Estate, the Barrow section of the Norman Niles Roundabout, Tichbourne and Licorish Village, among others.

The motorcade consisted of 20 cars and four trucks packed with supporters, who spilled into the streets. Throughout the route in key areas like the Ivy, St. Barnabas, Hothersal Turning and Haggatt Hall, Prescod stopped the trucks and the music to thank those constituents who voted for him.

He also pledged to do his best for St. Michael East, and encouraged those with a question or a need to pay a visit to the constituency office.

Prescod reclaimed the seat from incumbent Kenny Best with a lead of 119 votes.

The victory lap ended after 6 p.m. at the office. Soon, the refreshments came out and those in attendance stayed up until 11 p.m. for the “lime”. (LW)

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