Paul’s plans

jamespaulhammielacelbratesSt. Michael West Central MP, James Paul, will continue to build on the four pillars he started in his first term in office.

Firstly, he told Barbados TODAY that he wants to expand his reading programme moving it from his constituency office in the Scott’s Terrace and spreading it throughout the various communities to ensure that the children can benefit.

He said he also wanted to see the churches and other partners who are willing get involved with the programme given that the size of the constituency prevented more children from participating.

The continuation of his sports and cultural activities is the second area he sad he would like to work on and he would be reaching out to the youth in an attempt to harness their energies in a credible way.

Paul said that he wanted to work with the young talented people as he feels this was important to support them.

The other programmes include the continuation of the community fairs to assist the entrepreneurs and to develop job opportunities and a programme for the elderly to get them out of their homes and keep them active.

Paul held his motorcade on Sunday to thank those constituents who voted for him in the February 21 general elections. The convoy of vehicles passed through several communities before ending at Belfield playing field. (DS)

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