Outrage over killing

Onlookers view the crashed motorcycle that was driven by Maragh and his alleged accomplice.
Onlookers view the crashed motorcycle that was driven by Maragh and his alleged accomplice.

KINGSTON – Security was beefed up at the Kingston Public Hospital yesterday as tempers flared among relatives of an alleged robber who was shot dead by a policewoman on Orange Street in downtown Kingston.

The police alleged that Rushane Maragh, who hailed from Hannah Town in the city, was shot when he and another man attempted to rob a woman who was conducting business in the busy commercial hub. The alleged incident, the police said, occurred at about 12:30 p.m.

“Reports we received is that a woman was conducting business when she was allegedly attacked by two men travelling on a motorcycle,” a police source said.

The police said the men were challenged by a female officer who was in the vicinity. Maragh was hit while the other man escaped. He was taken to the KPH, where he was pronounced dead.

However, relatives have strongly denied the police’s account of the incident and are adamant that Maragh was killed for no reason.

“Kill ooonu kill off the youth and a go talk about shoot-out. Nothing like that!” said one woman at the scene of the shooting, where the crashed motorcycle Maragh was driving remained on the ground behind as detectives searched for clues.

However, emotions boiled over outside the KPH where Maragh’s relatives and friends gathered as news of his death circulated.

“Murda them murda my family and a seh a shoot-out,” cried one woman as medical personnel removed the body of the man from the hospital for porters to transfer it to the morgue.

However, the activity of the porters was delayed as irate relatives demanded to see the body.

“Mama a him dem kill! Have mercy, dem kill mi family!” one woman said as she wept.

“Uno kill off mi family; mi waan si him,” another woman cried.

Maragh’s mother, meanwhile, wailed uncontrollably as she laid on the ground.

The Kingston Central Police have since launched an investigation into the incident. Up to late yesterday, the Independent Commission of Investigations said it had not been informed of the shooting. (Observer)

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