Glimpse into Africa

tperedenlodgeafricanawareness2013More than 67 students of Eden Lodge Nursery got a glimpse into Africa and its culture when the school held its inaugural African Awareness Day programme on Friday.

There was singing, story telling, dancing, lessons on hairstyles and dress as well as modelling as the youngsters delved, Acting Principal and subject coordinator Rosina Rowe told Barbados TODAY.

“Annette Maynard-Watson came in and showed them how to tie the head gear, she told them what it meant and the clothing. The dance tutor from the NCF, Carolyn Brathwaite, who comes in every week and does sessions with all the groups but different times, She picked out a dance troupe and she did that dance to commemorate the day,” she said.

Story teller, Gregory Fitt read the interesting The Lazy Bird which was a part of the Language Arts class. The moral of the story was that you must obey your parents or those placed in authority over you.

Pinelands Creative Workshop’s dancers also did a short session with drums and dance with the young children. The young ones got a taste of an African dish when a teacher made a traditional Sierra Leone donut similar to a muffin.

Rowe explained the children saw the teacher make it on Thursday and had a chance to sample it.

“From the activities that took place on Friday, we actually integrated our curriculum into it because there was music, there was language, there was counting, and it was coordinated by the Subject Coordinator Shelly Leacock. It was the first time [the Nursery] commemorated African Awareness Day,” Rowe explained.

She added: “During the course of the week they learnt also about Africa, the tribes, the foods and they would tell you now that Africans love cassava. We looked at the globe and where Africa is, it was quite interesting. We looked at African music and at rest time they would’ve heard the drums, they loved the drums, the boys especially.”

The Acting Principal also said she was “overwhelmed” by the high level of interest shown by the parents in the activities and noted the day was “fascinating” and interesting. (DS)

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