Freak accident kills technician

regionalairportdeathsceneNASSAU – An aircraft technician was killed yesterday when the landing gear of a plane he was servicing at Lynden Pindling International Airport fell on top of him, police said.

Assistant Police Commissioner Hulan Hanna said police were called to the airport’s domestic ramp area where they discovered the body of a caucasian man believed to be a United States citizen in his early 40s.

He was pinned beneath the 18-seater plane’s landing gear.

Hanna did not want to identify the victim until the next of kin was notified.

He told reporters the victim was working on the plane when the left landing gear malfunctioned.

Airport officials had to lift the landing gear before the victim’s body could be removed from the scene.

“There was some injury to the right side of the head in the area of the ear and some injury to the top of the head, but other than that everything appears to be in tact,” Hanna said.

Hanna said the aircraft, which was due for a regular inspection in‚New Providence, is privately owned by a Pembroke Pines, Florida resident and is leased to a company from Grand Bahama. (Nassau Guardian)

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