Eddie says thanks

edmundhincksoncelebratesOn Saturday, St. James North MP, Edmund Hinskon said “thank you” to electors who ensured he triumphed at the polls February 21.

He drove through the constituency in areas such as Weston, Greenwich Village, Sion Hill, and The Whim where he stopped, to say “thank you”. Noting it was not a motorcade, he said he wanted to express his gratitude to those who placed their confidence in him to represent their interests in the House of Assembly.

On Sunday he and his supporters worshipped at the Garden Church of God in Reid Road.

Although he will be sitting on the Opposition benches during this parliamentary term, he is determined to help his unemployed constituents.

“Even though I’m not a Member of Parliament of the ruling party, I still have commitment to place some of those unemployed constituents in a position where they can find employment when the economy hopefully improves.

“The DLP is going to be in an uncompromising position in attempting to fulfill its pre-election promise not to lay off some of the hundreds of people that it took on for employment in the public sector in the last six months leading up to the elections,” Hinkson said.

Skills training and knowledge programmes are also on his radar. (DS)

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