Caring, sharing, remembering…

by Kurlyne Alleyne

International Commissioner

The Guide Law is a set of ten principles by which each member of the movement agrees to live. Each year as we celebrate World Thinking Day, we not only act globally on the themes that are set for the year but guiding sisters celebrate the joint birthdays of our Founders.

We also celebrate each other through special greetings that express Guide Law #4: A Guide is friendly and a sister to all Guides. These expressions are our way of “thinking” of our sisters – and scouting brothers – around the world.

In Barbados, our celebration of Thinking Day included Thinking Day on the Air, TDOTA, in which we made connections to guides and scouts via amateur radio and also TDOTI – Thinking Day on the Internet – through which we made links with guiding sisters via SKYPE and Messenger. Sending e-cards via email and other forms of social media, were also popular activities.

One major activity that we hold dear is the Thinking Day Service, which is traditionally held on the Sunday before World Thinking Day on February 22. Another highlight of the World Thinking Day celebrations was also the initiation of Good Turn Week that was held this year from February 17-23.

Even though lending a hand, and being kind or helpful is part of who we are as Guides, the idea of Good Turn Week is for each member of the Association – Blossom, Brownie, Girl Guide, Ranger, Young Leader and Adult leader to commit to doing a special deed for another person.

To this end, we were all encouraged to let this special week be our “time to shine” and share a kind word or to perform a gracious deed.

Many acts of kindness have been offered by our girls and women and surely they have made many hearts smile. As reports come in over the next few weeks, Guiding Star will share some of these efforts with you – our Barbados TODAY family – but today, we are pleased to share the gestures that have been expressed by the members of the Executive Committee who decided to celebrate past leaders as part of the WTD and Good Turn Week celebratory activities.

Our Committee, comprising of Division and District Commissioners, Section Advisors and Commissioners with special portfolios, paid visits to some of our past Chief Commissioners. The Commissioner made presentations of potted plants as tokens of gratitude that were also symbolic of the potential for growth and development of guiding through the nurturing roots – the foundation laid by these women.

The visits were also a moment for us to take a trip “back down memory lane” as we reminisced on some of the adventures, the triumphs and the challenges that were overcome over the years. In their stories there’s much history – that could and should be documented – but more importantly, their stories are a part of the “compass needle” that points the way forward. For it is in acknowledging our history that we can achieve a brighter future.

As we move closer to our 95th Anniversary this year on November 30 and prepare for our journey on the “Road to the Centenary” in 2018, maintaining a connection with our past leaders is a special aspect of the process that can build on the noble heritage of Guiding that was laid by these women.

Their commitment to helping young women to reach their full potential has made a major difference in our lives – and indeed in the world. To our leaders -past and present – as well as to their families who have been there in support of them, we say “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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