Brownies living healthy

As the love month of February was coming to an end, the Brownies at St. Paul’s Primary School got busy ensuring that as they also took care of themselves and others around them.

Learning to live healthy and preparing healthy foods was a major part of their healthy journey and understanding of loving and taking care of self.

The girls were very excited and opted to do two types of salads – fruits and vegetables. Both healthy choices that provide nourishment for the body. The evening was spent preparing the meals with everyone washing, peeling, cutting, mixing and beautifully displaying their finished products. The test was in the tasting and everyone enjoyed each other’s offerings.

Recognising the importance of caring for self and others, the Guiders, Judy Phillips, Ingrid Cozier, Marilyne Collymore-Bullen, Merlyn Prescod and Consuela Ifill organised a visit to Caves Nursing Home, located not far from their St. Paul’s Primary meeting place. The girls presented two toiletries baskets to the senior citizens at the elderly care home.

The Brownies of 19th and 21st Barbados certainly embraced the month of February and its theme of love and completed their Girl Guides ‘good turn’ during our Thinking Day month.

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