A memorable day

Saturday March 2, 2013 was a memorable day for 33 Cub Scouts and 9 Beaver Scouts. It was on this occasion that they received the top Scout Award that is available from within their particular Sections.

From as early as 2:30 p.m., Cubs and their parents gathered at the Lester Vaughan Secondary School for this special Awards Ceremony and as the time for the commencement was drawing near, one could look on the faces of the boys and sense the joy which was clearly oozing from “satisfied customers” of a Scout programme.

The parents not to be left out were seated looking just as anxious as their sons. One could only speculate that they were perhaps remembering the many occasions their sons had to write and re-write the submission and then for them to hurry to get the books to the Leaders for the necessary action to be taken before it reached the National Cub Scout Committee well within the submission deadline period.

But then, upon the point of remembrance, they were now basking in the joy of seeing their sons in the receiving area with the many other Cub Scouts awaiting their Sectional Awards.

The interactive feature address was done power point style by Dr. Allyson Leacock, the CEO of the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership (CBMP).

Excerpts from the Feature Address

A Special Word to Parents

“Continue to give the Association your support; not only by your presence but by your continued commitment. So often, as children approach exams, we feel they need to stop extracurricular activities.

I am here to tell you don’t do it Scouting can only assist in bringing balance to their academic endeavours and provide them with the discipline and time management skills that will serve them throughout life. We are building the people of tomorrow. They are our future and most importantly, our leaders.”

“From the time Scouting arrived on our door steps in 1912 to today, the entire development of the programme has been entrusted to faithful and committed adults who were not always Barbadians, but were individuals anxious to assist with what they saw as an excellent opportunity to make their mark in ordering and shaping the lives of the youth of our nation. It still is happening today. Adults are still the group in demand to help this Association.”

“In my view we need them now more than ever because I am always dismayed when I hear so many of us adults lamenting the conduct of our young people. Well I think we need to look in the mirror and accept that, as adults, we have failed our youth because we say one thing and behave another forgetting that children learn what they live. That’s why those of you who continue to volunteer and give selflessly to this excellent movement should be saluted — because YOU GET IT!! SO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.”

The Chief Commissioner in his brief remarks congratulated the Cubs, Beavers and their Leaders on their achievements and the fact that they were able to complete this fantastic work within the specified time frame.

He told them that he is sure that there are success stories in every Scout present at the Awards ceremony. He further encouraged them to use this success as a catalyst to propel them further up the success ladder. He told them to use the determination which was exhibited in their quest and pursuit of this award in their soon to be held Common Entrance Examination.

Lastly, he reminded them that all they had been taught during the period leading to the Mahogany Award should be carried with them in their day by day living.

After these remarks it was time for Lights, Camera, Action, as the parents and sponsors sought to get this “moment in time” on film for posterity.

Initial Scouting Course

On the day of celebrations for the Beaver and Cub Scouts, 15 adults who had indicated an interest in Scouting were at the Lester Vaughan Secondary School preparing themselves for leadership in this noble institution.

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