Wuk-up wear here

uwicarnivalwukuptologyWukuptology will be wukkin for Kaduwival, 2013.

Head of the group Kirk Cadogan, said the band will be a small one because they are more manageable and “without any problems for us or the band members.”

The band, entitled We Wukkin, will have three sections with six different colour options and the band leader is aiming for 110 people.

Revellers can choose to jump in the “tasteful costumes” in sections called, Prowler, Ravish, Intrigue and Fascinate.

“We were established back in 1999 as a community group, just a bunch of guys partying together at soca events and we asked “when will we do something” the idea was always there but I was scared of failure, but being pressured for so long to hold an event.

“I did a house party for my birthday and the results was astounding. The house party turned into a fete, and it was no turning back from there. Our focus was mostly on cruises which we did for 11 years on the Harbour Master, bar limes, island safari tours and organising group outings and so wanting another challenge I assisted Mackie Holder of the band Wednesday 2000 in getting some more crowd support at his band fetes and for the band so now here I am second time around for UWI Kaduwival,” he said.

Cadogan said he got involved in the campus carnival as he has friends would go school there.

“I saw it as an opportunity to experiment with the band thing at a lower level before I even think bout venturing into Crop-Over. I’m trying to understand all the bases covered but sponsorship is hard, every body crying out,” he stated.

However, he is getting assistance from three companies one of which is providing food, another with designing the prints and the other the ” high quality costumes”.

“The little we get to assist us in our endeavours we gladly utilise. We give ours band members scarves and goody bags to assist them if they need anything on the road. Medical assistance is always provided by the Guild, and when the jump is over a hot meal and beverages are provided, this is where a lot of bands fall short, they can’t provide fast enough or have enough for the vast hungry and tired members. I don’t ever have that problem. That’s why I keep my numbers simple, 150 the most,” said the band leader. (DS)

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