St. Matthew’s moves to the beat

tpetstmathewsThe rhythm of the drum was one of the sweetest sounds heard at St. Matthew’s Primary yesterday.

Weeks of research on eight types of drums came to a climax yesterday afternoon at the Jackman’s, St. Michael school when they held a programme to showcase the talented students

One of the six teachers who coordinated the activities to celebrate African Awareness Month, Monica Codrington said the theme was The Origin of the Drum and classes examined it from inception to today.

“We did a bit of history in researching what they were used for, which country they originated in. We looked a lot at the African Drum and then we looked at how drums were used then, and how they’re used today. We looked at eight different types of drums and each age group was able to research a particular type,” she said.

The Djembe, Djum, Orisha and the tuk band which includes a variety of drums, were among those examined, Codrington noted.

She explained that the individual classes would have looked at the different aspects during the week but yesterday was for performances.

“We started dancing using the drums and then we brought in Pinelands Creative Workshop to perform yesterday. Nelao Layne, who lectures in nursing at the Community College is from Namibia, she performed and taught the children two African songs and her daughter danced to the beat of the drum.

“The other performances were by the students who did a variety of things, dancing a rhythm poem and they modelled. We selected the most outstanding outfit from each age group and we had them model, this was children and staff.

“It was a whole school effort and I want to thank everyone on the committee for his/her contribution. It was a learning experience for the children and teachers as well,” Codrington said. (DS)

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