Sex and talk

I will take any reasonable advice I can get on this matter. Just make it quick because I am going crazy. I have been involved with this woman now for about five years and I do love her, but she is getting on my nerves.

She has always been a talker. In fact, when we first met I used to enjoy the fact that she was willing to carry on a conversation about any subject. We used to small talk a lot, but sometimes we would talk all night long until it was time for the sun to come up.

Now, I can’t handle the talk – it is like she does not stop. She just can’t turn her mouth off. It is so bad now that during sex she would be talking about all kinds of things. I mean, how can you be making love and out of the blue she is talking about something Freundel said on the platform.

Oh my Lord, if it is something that upset her she will talk from now til morning. But it is the talking during love making that I can’t stand — especially since it has nothing to do with what is taking place.

My problem is, how do you tell your woman to shut up when you are having sex? What will happen is that she will get vex for two weeks and not say a single word. Then that creates another problem.

Right now I’m looking for a good set of earplugs that are not too obvious otherwise I will have to look for somewhere else to sleep. I now understand why they call the shack shack tree woman tongue.

Please tell me what to do.

— Man With Big Headache


Since Yuh Asked MWBH, all I can say to you is try hard to develop patience. You may be able to keep her quiet for a little while, but talkers talk.

The difficulty I have in responding to you is that you have not said anything else about your friend, but I would assume there are other qualities that keep you connected. If that is so, then concentrate on them and the annoyance of constant chatter will perhaps be less offensive to you.

When it comes to love making, perhaps you can play some nice romantic music and she will concentrate on that and not the numerous topics running around in her head.

One final note, and I hope you don’t take offence. Perhaps you should look at yourself and the interest you are putting into love making, because it maybe that you are not giving her enough to think about — to keep her mind and tongue occupied, if you know what I mean.

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