Lashley ready to roll

by Emmanuel Joseph

A firm greeting for new Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley at Transport Board today.

New Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley, appear to be maintaining his reputation as the “hardest working, results-oriented minister” in Government.

Minutes after being sworn-in by Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave at Government House this morning, Lashley “hit the ground running”, by starting a series of visits to departments under his ministry, with a tour of the Transport Board headquarters at Weymouth.

In fact, he told Barbados TODAY at the end of the tour, if any of his other departments were opened tomorrow, he would also visit them.

“The same energy that I placed in housing I will place in this new ministry. The Prime Minister appointed me here, so I am duty-bound to carry out the work. I am just basically getting a feel of the place (Transport Board),” he stated.

“I have plans, definite plans, and some ideas that I have to bounce off [first] on the general manager (of the Board) and other players within the ministry, so I will be looking forward to doing some great things in this ministry.”

Lashley did reveal plans for a road repair programme, which he said he intended to implement as soon as possible.

“I must say though that the roads in St. Lucy, St. John, some parts of St. George and particularly St. Philip [need attention]. I will hit the ground running with those basically.†We have to look at a really, really massive road repair programme for St. Philip and St. Lucy and St. John,” announced the minister.

As far as his expectations going into the new ministry was concerned, Lashley responded: “I would expect, of course, as in the Ministry of Housing, full cooperation from the staff and head of department. I think that [we have] to foster that kind of relationship. Once that relationship is in place, things would fall into place.”

Regarding his work in housing, he said he believed the ministry would be in good hands with his successor, Denis Kellman.

“I don’t think,” he noted, “that the government housing programme will suffer. I think that it is in good hands. So that will continue.” (EJ)††

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