Exploring Africa

tpetstalbansdrumsStudents of the St. Alban’s Primary got a panoramic view of African life and culture during its African Awareness Day on Thursday.

The all-day event was held under the theme: An African Safari: Exploring the Many Faces of Africa.

Ghanian Reverend Solomon Kobina Odoom delivered a talk to the students in the morning session, and even taught them some words from his local dialect.

The session eventually evolved into a sing-along, accompanied by Odoom’s djembe drum.

In the afternoon, pupils took centre stage during a cultural presentation which featured special songs and showcasing their exquisite African garments.

Parents and well-wishers also got the chance to see what the students had been researching for their various projects on Africa, including the continent’s animals, flags and special colours, medicines and art.

Students from the Nursery section to Class 3 focussed on various parts of Africa’s history. The younger ones had a glimpse into the wonder and adventure in the tales of Anansi the spider along with the colours of Africa, including artwork, drawing, tie dye and collages.

For those in Class One, wetlands and savannahs were the points of interest, while Class Three students delved into masks and medicines of Africa and their roles in rituals. The interpretation and understanding of these rituals were put to the test and reflected in the presentations created. (LW)

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