Celebrating Black history

by Dawn Alleyne


tpetdeaconsprimaryStudents of Deacons Primary School were taught many history lessons and given an insight into their African heritage yesterday when they celebrated Black History Month.

The day’s programme started with a virtual field trip as presenters and missionaries Sonia Belle and Marlon Moore spoke on life in Malawi, Africa.

Presentations by various classes ranging from Nursery to Class four highlighted Black persons who made valuable and long lasting contributions to society locally, regionally, and not to mention internationally.

“Such presentations included Garret Morgan, inventor of the traffic signal; William Morrison and John C. Wharton, inventors of cotton candy; George Crum inventor of the potato chip; George Washington Carver, inventor of peanut butter; Sir Garfield Sobers great contributor to the game of cricket; Rosa Parks, mother of the Civil Rights Movement; Marcus Garvey civil right activist; Bob Marley founder of reggae music and Madam C. J Walker inventor of black hair care products for women.

We also had a slave trade dramatisation and the day’s activities climaxed with a modelling segment of African wear by students and teachers.

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