Business community to battle crime

ST. JOHN’S — The business community is answering the prime minister’s call for solidarity in the fight against the nation’s current “wave of crime”.

Vice President of the Antigua & Barbuda Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bernadette David, said members were “outraged” by the most recent incident, on Tuesday, in Heritage Quay, where Susan Powell was gunned down.

However, she said the overall trajectory of crime, as of late, is of great concern to the local business community – many of whom were present at the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting with the International Monetary Fund, yesterday.

David referenced numerous other incidents of crime against businesspersons during this month alone.

She pointed to the attempted robbery and shooting of Laban Gravy Benjamin, last week’s shooting of Oceana Restaurant owner, Glen Hector, and a patron in the eatery in Valley Church and the Brownies Bakery robbery where an unmasked gunman escaped with around $30,000.

In response, ABCCI has planned an official meeting to discuss its response to, what she considered, an increase in crime concerning local businesses.

“We don’t want it to be one voice or an individual voice,” the vice president said of the joint effort.

David said she is concerned not only for businesspersons and their establishments, but for residents nationwide. She called for the “individuals” responsible for crime to “desist, as (crime) affects the entire country.”

Although the First Gadget electronics store, where the incident occurred, is not a member of the chamber, David said, “Our hearts go out to them.”

She admitted though, her organisation has not been in contact with the proprietors. (Antigua Observer)

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