Selah soaks up black story

tpetselahblackhistoryThe cutest of dresses, the most handsome suits and hairstyles to match were the sights today as Selah Primary in St. Lucy celebrated African Awareness Day.

Under the theme, Understanding our African Heritage, teachers and students mounted an exhibit in the school library looking at the history of blacks in the Caribbean and in Barbados in particular.

The exhibit traced the slave passage, trade, treatment and abuse of slaves, and also featured some of the more modern examples of successful black people and heroes.

Senior teacher Anthony Bishop took the classes through a discussion and exercise on the displays so they could understand what a lot of the photos and even items like masks and other artefacts meant to their heritage.

Some students were also attired in African wear, including beautiful hairstyles by the girls and outfits by both the male and female students, which they paraded before the entire school.

As the students strut their stuff on the “catwalk”, namely the main stage at assembly, students sang choruses like Cum Bah Ya, Down By The Riverside and If You’re Happy and You Know It. (LB)

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