LIME shows love with upgraded services

LIME’s Country Manager, Alex McDonald
LIME’s Country Manager, Alex McDonald

Over 25,000 LIME Internet customers are experiencing what a “month of love” really means, after being upgraded to higher speeds on their residential Internet service at no additional cost from LIME!

In keeping with their on-going campaign to deliver more value to their customers, LIME announced only last week plans to invest an additional US$20 million in network infrastructure across the region especially in markets such as Barbados and Cayman Islands to further boost data speeds and build out the TV product.

This includes commencement of another major deployment of fibre in Barbados to upgrade the fixed line infrastructure enabling provision of high speed Internet and television services.

As the upgrades have progressed, surprised customers have turned to the social media sites to express their delight at receiving these increased speeds from LIME.

Managing Director Alex McDonald said: “The company has been working behind the scenes for many months to find various ways of offering more value to our customers. We are doing this in various forms across our four products.

“We recently introduced Triple Play bundle discounts for customers taking LIME TV, increased Internet speeds at no additional cost to our broadband customers and introduced 46 cents calling to any island, any network any time for our pre-paid mobile customers. We have more exciting news coming for our Postpaid mobile and Fixed line customers early in March.”

The 25,000 LIME customers who were on speeds of up to 2Mbps, 4Mbps and 8Mbps downstream plans, have been moved to new 6Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps downstream plans respectively as LIME continues to deliver improved Fixed Broadband speeds island-wide.

McDonald added however, “Not all of our customers will be able to get these increased speeds immediately, but we will ensure that they get the maximum speeds they can until our upgrades to fibre provide the capacity to offer them more. LIME is working on increasing its fibre roll-out and upgrading our existing plant to make these speeds available to all our customers who are increasingly demanding more, as the market expands and the technological scope widens.”

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