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lovingmedavenyellisWhen you consider yourself to be too big and it becomes a challenge to your self-confidence, it can be a tough struggle to regain that feeling of comfort you’ve lost.

Ask Daveny Ellis, he knows how hard it is. That’s why the young poet and professional decided he just had to make a change to come around to the point where he could love himself freely again.

Daveny’s struggle is just one of the stories we bring to you this week.

Another item you need to look over as well, for you ladies especially, is about your handbags. Guys tend to joke that women carry their entire house in their handbags and sometimes they are almost correct, but what does it really mean in terms of health? Find out today in Loving Me!

And finally, with elections behind us, some of us, perhaps even some candidates who did not get the result expected in the polls may find this week a little tough to take, especially as some are celebrating success. So Dr. Adrian Lorde is here to talk about coping with depression following the elections.

So we invite you to enjoy this week’s edition of Loving Me!

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