Response good for RSPCA fund-raiser

Jenny Mayhem
Jenny Mayhem

At the start of the new year, Barbados-born singer Jenny Mayhem announced a month-long fund-raiser for the island’s RSPCA. Her pledge to donate all sales of her new single Shifter has fared well for the organisation, and she was able to donate a cheque for $1,230 to this local animal shelter.

“People contributed to this cause from around the world, and the response was very encouraging,” says Mayhem.

“In the big picture, I hope this modest contribution will raise awareness and inspire others to donate.”

The singer was motivated to donate her online track sales to the Barbados RSPCA after a trip home this Christmas. She remembers many occasions where the staff at Cheltenham Lodge, St. Michael, where the shelter is located, have helped her family pets and other animals find a new life.

Mayhem travelled back to Toronto, Canada where she is now based, in mid-January. She will send the funds raised to the RSPCA via family members in the island.

The internet-based approach of this fund-raiser raised challenges and opportunities.

“I found that it opened up the chance to donate for many people living abroad, yet there was also the difficulty that many people in Barbados are still not yet buying music online”, she commented

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