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Domini Alleyne.
Domini Alleyne.

The Major Noott Hall at Combermere School is expected to be a hub of excitement this Saturday at 6 p.m. when the Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation hosts its first ever Bikini and Men’s Physique Show.

The show is an exciting addition to the BABBFF’s annual calendar of events. Over the past few years bikini and men’s physique have evolved into two of the most rapidly developing International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness events across the globe.

President of the association Dr. Andrew Forde indicated that professional cards would be available this year at the Central American and Caribbean Championships in the Dominican Republic and the BABBFF’s goal was to expose more athletes to these two disciplines to maintain Barbados’ dominance.

“These two mainstream disciplines cater to fitness enthusiasts who are proud of their development and celebrate the benefits of bodybuilding, which is the foundation of all physical sports. The winner represents the total package of a fit, proportioned body displayed with stage presence, personality, poise and confidence. Unlike hardcore bodybuilding, extreme muscularity with definition is not required,” he explained.

An exciting pole dancing display will also be one of the highlights of Saturday’s much anticipated package.

Contestants in the men’s physique are: Paul Small, Marlon Dottin (Valley Fitness Zone Gym); Stephen Harrison, Corey Weithers, Ryan Johnson, Ricardo Chase (Surfside); Barry Griffith (Prostar Fitness & Nutrition); Akeem Maloney, Andre Gittens (Ironbenders Maximum Fitness); Ryan Haynes, Dominic Rapson (Flawless Concepts Health & Fitness XP); Jamil Jones, Jackie Goodridge (J&S Health, Fitness & Sports Academy); Duane Lucas, Lystron Griffith, Jermaine Bradshaw (Strike Force); Omar Benn, Deono James, Akeem Joseph (De Krack em Gym); Corey Bradshaw (Unique Fitness) and Andre Greenidge (First Class Fitness Centre).

Contestants in the bikini competition are: Domini Alleyne, Jessie Taglight (Flawless Concepts Health & Fitness XP); Leandra Linton (Valley Fitness Zone); Tanisha Cross, Carlisia Best, Ashley Dyall and Shakira Douglin (Strike Force).

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