Well done all

Okay! The fat lady has sung her song and it is over, bar the shouting and need I say partying. The government has been returned to the incumbent DLP, leaving the BLP to lick its wounds. Even though these wounds may not be as deep as they were the time before, they were wounds nevertheless.

Being perceived as the winner of the next government and having Owen Arthur in his most venomous form, many BLP followers were rather confident that a win was the only result in sight. How wrong it all ended for them all.

Prime Minister Stuart, who remained ever confident through it all, along with his party members and followers, handed the biggest shocker to his opposition and might have surprised some of the sworn followers too.

Watching the pendulum swing to and fro on election night could not have been a good feeling for any party or candidate. I know I too made my predictions even though not as wide as those of Peter Wickham and his ever accurate polls, but I managed to get some right.

I was wrong about James Paul and Adriel Brathwaite, so too the Atherley and Carrington battle. I was right about PM Stuart’s whopping of Noel Lynch and Trevor Prescod’s bettering of Best. Santia Bradshaw kept it true to form with a slim win against Tannis but a win is a win.

What I must say is congrats to the ones I predicted right and the ones I was wrong about. Well done to you all. What I hope to see is James Paul getting a more active role in Parliament this time around. Maybe agriculture will be awaiting him, who knows, but the organiser of the biggest agricultural festival who I believed shocked his self with a win must be rewarded.

Many said they could not predict Prime Minister Stuart winning by a nose but that should have been part of our thoughts as the elections drew closer. What I must say was part of my predictions even though not printed was Owen Arthur relinquishing the top post of the BLP.

I am sure that during the campaigning Stuart alluded to the point that it was Prime Minister or nothing for Owen Arthur, and he has been proven right. It does not come as a shock to me at all hearing Mia Motley being back at the helm.

The strategy taken by the BLP seemed to have backfired on them. Removing Mia Motley for Owen did not win them the elections. After the death of David Thompson it was viewed as the perfect chance to recapture the government, but it was not to be. I wonder what Dale Marshall, Gline Clarke, Ronald Toppin and George Payne are thinking right now. Will it be wise for Mia Motley to take revenge or should she be the bigger person?

Whichever position she takes I am sure that the four will be a bit tentative about what they say or do in her sight. I told a few friends of mine to expect a by-election in the north if the BLP loses within three years. I am pushing more towards two years as I believe Arthur will get tired of being just another Member of Parliament.

Having such a slim majority is not the best thing for the Freundel Stuart administration, as the 2/3 majority needed to have things passed in parliament is not there on his side of the fence anymore. I expect to see pure mayhem during these debates. A good few parliamentarians will age very quickly over the next few years. Grey hairs and pleated foreheads will be seen as they try to battle it out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you take the high road and think of country first and try to lift us out of this slump. I for one am prepared to buckle down to whatever measures are taken by the winner. The fact remains that many Barbadians are still unsure and some have rejected the present administration. In the same breath some have faith in it and in so doing reinstated the party.

Elections and the whole democratic system as we know it is not at all without flaws. You may lose the government but yet receive the most votes overall. In other words you could have as a party more people voting for you but since you lost more seats you lose the government. I am not saying that is what happened so don’t get e wrong.

As for polls and surveys, they are not fool proof either. I am not one who likes to rely on them so I don’t fault anyone who rebukes them. Wickham’s ego was dealt a serious blow last week by the local electorate, which proves my point. I may say I am voting for you and I hate the other side’s policies but when I get to the polling station to mark my “X” is where it counts. Always remember quantitative and qualitative differs. Which should we be relying on?

We need to get on with our lives and let the election results be what they are. Barbados depends on the chosen ones and we need to pray for them all. It will not be easy at all for any of us. Survival is what we should be aiming for and a better Barbados while we are at it.

Stop the silly taunting and acts of lawlessness and grow up people. Once again I congratulate the elected candidates and say better luck next time to the ones who lost. To Prime Minister Stuart I say well done but I will be watching you just like all of Barbados. Welcome back Mia! Here is a second chance to prove your mettle, and just like Freundel we will be watching you to.

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