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Victory parade

Victory parade

dwightsutherlandmotorcadeFresh from his victory in Thursday’s general election,

St. George South Member of Parliament, Dwight Sutherland, held a victory parade throughout the constituency.

Lasting for six hours, it began at the campaign office, with Sutherland thanking his team, followed by the playing of the Bob Marley hit, One Love.

Sutherland said he was extremely grateful for the support and in every respect his team, whether linesmen or mobilisers, worked very well.

He said another dimension of work was ahead and he looked forward to the roles his team will continue to play they work to improve St. George South.

The mortorcade ended at Ellerton Corner, after snaking its way through communities that included South District, Byde Mill, Drax Hall, Melverton, Greens, Ellerton and Workmans.

With people catching minibuses to join in the parade and vehicles joining constantly, the mortorcade was more than a half mile long.

It paused in various districts and ended with more partying and a food service that went up to 11 p.m.

The motorcade will be followed up by a thanksgiving service on Sunday at Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness Church. (RRM)

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