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Pierson Springer
Pierson Springer

Century Eslon (Barbados) Ltd located at the Friendship Terrace Industrial Estate, St. Michael, held an open day earlier today allowing customers to view a wide range of products being sold at the outlet.

During a tour of the plant, company manager, Pierson Springer, told a team from Barbados Today that Century Eslon (Barbados) Ltd was a wholly owned subsidiary of Electrical Industries Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago.

Springer told the team that the company also sold corrugated pipe which was used for drainage and sewerage purposes. He explained that the red plastic pipe was brought in for the Barbados Light & Power Co., while the poly blue plastic came specially for the Barbados Water Authority.

Springer explained that the poly blue plastic pipe was more durable than metal pipe and was being used in commercial and residential structures. He also identifying a consignment of white plastic pipes which brought in for the BWA to replace the galvanised pipe mains across the island.

Century Eslon, Springer explained, also imported a variety of plastic water tanks to make it easier for home builders to meet Town and Country Planning Department stipulations that every newly constructed home should carry a water tank with the capacity ties to the side of the roof.

The company also sells fire hydrants and a variety of electrical supplies. (NC)

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