Reading a requirement

“Hats off to reading” these Nursery students declared.
“Hats off to reading” these Nursery students declared.

The number of spoilt votes in the recently-held general election should be a concern to all teachers, acting deputy principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ College, Dr. Patricia Saul, has said.

“If people are literate, there should not be spoilt votes … because people will know what to do,” she said yesterday morning at the launch of Milton Lynch Primary School’s reading week at the school.

Saul told the students it was important for them to learn the value of reading for when it is their time to place their “X”, in order to ensure their vote goes to the candidate they desire to win.

While stressing the importance of all aspects of literacy, she urged the boys to pay attention to reading, as it could open gates such as lifelong learning, critical thinking, a positive self-concept and successes in career, life and education to them.

Principal Anthony Graham admitted that as an all-male primary school, they faced problems of encouraging the students to read.

“People say it is because ‘boys will be boys’ … [or] that it is the age of the Internet, television and the instant… But reading is the gateway to life. Without the ability to read, you will be lost in life.”

During the week of activities, there will be a community reader’s day, parent workshops, a celebrity readers’ day and spelling competition, among others. The week will end with a book fair and African Dress Day. (LW)

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  1. Valerie E Grannum February 27, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    When we are able to analyze the real reason for the implementation of computers, whilst acknowledging that information technology and internet access through inadequate implementation processes have failed us miserably! We would then be able to resolve the challenges facing our education module>
    Stop dancing to the music of others????


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