Police vow fightback

Nuffield Burnette.
Nuffield Burnette.

ST. JOHN’S — The wave of gun crimes currently sweeping across Antigua & Barbuda might have ordinary citizens cowering in fear, but superintendent in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department Nuffield Burnette said the police will be taking the fight to the criminals.

“It doesn’t matter how it looks in terms of law enforcement, we will not ease up, we will find them and bring them to justice,” a bullish Burnette said yesterday.

He was reacting, in part, to the number of reports of gun crimes committed over the weekend. According to the police blotter, two people who had just withdrawn money from the ATM were robbed at gunpoint in English Harbour. One of them suffered a blow to the head and had to be hospitalised.

In another incident, a Willikies man was robbed of his money and his car at gunpoint. A man and his fianc√e were also robbed at Athill Street in Villa. He, too, was injured and had to seek medical attention in hospital.

These reports were listed amongst many more for a 48-hour period.

Despite the almost daily litany of gun crimes, mainly robberies, Burnette said the police are not in the “least bit frustrated or discouraged over what is happening.

“In our fight against crime we will pursue them relentlessly. We will seek them out wherever they are. It’s just a matter of time. We are not going to be weary in well doing; we are not going to ease up,” the officer declared.

The senior cop said despite what the public perceives: “We are on top of things, not the criminals.”

Not for the first time, the head of the criminal investigation department is calling for stiffer penalties across the board for gun crimes.

“In some areas the penalties are quite stiff, however the perpetrators are recycled too quickly. It’s basically the same set doing the crime,” the superintendent added.

“They are going through the process with too much haste. They need to be put away for longer periods,” he declared. (Antigua Observer)

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