by Latoya Burnham

Alex Mitchell (left) and Apostle Steve Hunte.
Alex Mitchell (left) and Apostle Steve Hunte (File photo).

For the first time in the island’s history, a coalition party is threatening to take both Government and the Opposition to court over the results of the recent elections.

Claiming that both parties had stood on the sidelines and allowed questionable measures to be used in last Thursday’s general election, leaders of the Coalition of Unified Parties told Barbados TODAY that they are taking steps to quash the results.

President of CUP, Alex Mitchell, said in light of recent claims of persons buying votes for one party or the other, and given that one person was also arrested allegedly trying to take a photo of the ballot, they believed both parties were culpable for any “fraud” perpetrated.

Furthermore, his counterpart, Steve Hunte, who said that the current Administration was moving away from the ways of God and as such the Lord would bring judgement, forecasted “another state funeral” for Barbados.

“Democracy is a mockery of the proper form of governance on the earth. It is the worst form of government to keep people poor, unspiritual and immoral,” said Hunte.

“If you have an Olympic match and three people were running, and the people who came in first and second were caught with steroids they would be eliminated from the competition for doping. So in reality that is the same thing they we’re doing if they were selling votes, buying votes – iPod, money or whatever else they were using.

“If the [candidates] saw this and didn’t report it to the police or it was reported and the police didn’t do anything, if there is a two-party system in Barbados and both then let it go because of who could out-fool the other, but us as CUP and the other independents were not accused of fraud or involved in fraud, and yet they are allowed to go ahead with what they are doing. There is no enforcement of the law,” Mitchell maintained.

The Electoral and Boundaries Commission, he said too, should have played a larger role in trying to weed out those involved in any attempts to buy votes.

“The Electoral and Boundaries Commission should have halted it or called it back… People should be accused, arrested, charged, an investigation should be ongoing and this should not happen. We are the ones that should be sitting where they are sitting because they should have been eliminated. They have been in this for a very long time, longer than the independents or the new people that ran…

“This election needs to be put aside and they need to be eliminated and have us reinstated as the true winners because we did nothing wrong, yet they are benefitting.”

Mitchell charged that the elections were not fair or clean and they were in fact trying to contact the other independent candidates who ran but were not a part of CUP to see if they too wanted to take the matter to court.

“The only clean people were the independents and CUP – no voter rigging, no counts or recounts, nothing. So we are talking to our attorneys and we are looking forward to having our day in court.”

They charged because the election turned out in the prime minister’s favour he was unwilling to do anything about the allegations of money being exchanged for vote, noting that if neither party was willing to come forward, they would.

“Our CUP is. We contacted the others and are waiting on their response, but whether they are behind us or not we still outnumber them and we are the ones making the complaint. If they don’t know what the law is we are helping to make them understand that they were violated during this procedure/contest.”

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