Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful
Black is beautiful

It’s never too young to learn about heritage and black history.

At least that’s what students at the St. Boniface Nursery School are finding out this term. Coordinated by teacher, Sylvia Bridgeman, the students today got dressed up in African wear for African Awareness Day, most of which they spent with Ghanian-born Reverend Solomon Odoom.

Odoom allowed the children to test out their own rhythms on his drum after he had completed a session where he did everything from tell them Anansi stories, teach them words in his native Akan dialect and sang songs with them.

The children were rapt with attention during the telling of the story where children learnt why spiders are now found up high in places like the roof and even more so as he taught them words like come, go, stand and sit.

Bridgeman said this term the classes were focusing on the Wonders of the Sky, and since it was Black History Month, they incorporated aspects of history with the theme.

“We thought we would take the time out to teach them that black is beautiful, intelligent, special,” enthused the teacher, who explained that each class was given a nation on the African continent to study.

The students learnt about Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Mali, Egypt, Ethiopia and then today posed several questions about animals and foods of Ghana to Odoom.

“They would have learnt as well about persons like Nelson Mandela and his contribution and then we also taught them that Barbados has black history and heritage. We spoke to them about the connections between Africa and the Caribbean and that some of our forefathers came from Africa.

“We taught them about some of our own persons like Bussa and other characters that helped to shape our history,” she said.

Each class erected displays of the country they studied, with a larger display being done by staff along with donations of items from parents about Africa.

Bridgeman said she was heartened by the fact that almost all the children wore some African inspired item, hailing the involvement of the parents in getting the outfits together. Both staff and students, including principal Valerian Millar, dressed up for the day. (LB)

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  1. Gloria Benn February 27, 2013 at 11:56 am

    You can see that those kids hade lots of fun, especially the little one up front. Keep the good work up.



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