Being a responsible citizen

The elections are over and victory though slim, has been declared for the ruling Democratic Labour Party.

According to Peter Wickham’s polls, almost 40 per cent of eligible voters stayed away from the polls. Those who are educated and realise the significance of having a franchise to vote, yet refused to do so are just as unenlightened as those who do not know the power and the right that they have to exercise in any election.

Saying that you do not want to vote because you are disenchanted with any of the choices is a weak, defeatist attitude. If you realised how hard your forefathers fought in order to obtain this right, you would not barter it, sell it for a few dollars or refuse to execute it.

If you intend to live in a country and you refuse to vote in an election where you can effect change by saying your vote does not count, you are not being a responsible citizen. As seen in this just concluded election, the results were so close that a victory or defeat depended on just a few dozen of you deciding to vote or not.

Unless you plan to move, you have to live with what others have decided for you and you have no recourse but to accept the choices.

One hard working candidate who has failed to defeat his opponent in successive elections is the candidate for St. Peter, Haynesley Benn. Benn is one of the sincerest, hardest working ministers in Barbados.

He has demonstrated that he has the welfare of the people in his constituency and all Barbadians at heart. He advocates working the land and being self sufficient. He advocates the principles of the 4H movement and through his efforts lessening our food import bill by using our locally produced items.

It really is unfortunate that Benn is not given the support and respect that he should be credited with. Keep on trying sir! Maybe in the next election, the people of St. Peter will see the light and let it shine more visibly on you when the polls are open.

— Barbara Greaves

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