Victory for the poor

The People of Barbados voted against the CADRES poll, the BLP and the conservative elements in Barbados that wanted to remove the DLP and take over Barbados to control our resources.

This election was a victory for the poor and powerless in Barbados. The people voted against the planed privatisation programme and have demanded the democratisation of State corporations.

The private sector that is very hungry to privatise State corporation in Barbados and to buy up all of the best land in Barbados will now regroup and try to work against the DLP and progressive forces in Barbados. The people of Barbados must be very vigilant and must work very hard to defend our nation.

This election has proven that Barbadians are strong people and they are prepared to defend the rights of the poor and powerless.

The credibility of CADRES poll has been questioned and the people must call on the Government of Barbados to implement new election laws to control the process and the publishing of polls after the announcement of an election.

— David Denny

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