Sea scouts graduate

“We’re back.” Sounds like a line from a horror film where someone escaped Freddy Kruger and Jason and thought they were safe, only to hear those words.

Yes we are back, that is, the column of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association as sponsored by our friends at Barbados TODAY.

The last few weeks were very hectic with elections in the air and our Scout Leaders as good citizens, because that is what the Boy Scouts Movements attempt to cultivate were very involved moving from meeting spot to meeting spot trying to grasp the essence of the topics under review. Now that the elections are over, we, that is the Scouts column, is back on track. Before the members of the general public look at some of the activities of the National Scout Association, one must repeat those often voiced remarks that come from persons such as the Chief Commissioner of the Scouts Association and Members of the various National and District administration. Those remarks which seek to encourage politicians in all the political parties to invest more in those youth organisations, like the Boy Scouts who are in the 101st anniversary and the Girl Guides who are well on their way to their centenary in a few years. These two organisations have weathered many storms and should receive not only recognition at national level but also a serious injection in funding to assist with the many programmes, social and otherwise of the youth of the country.

First Barbados Sea Scouts First Again!

On Saturday February 23rd, 15 boys from the First Barbados Sea Scout Troop graduated and gained the “Junior Seaman” Badge. It is believed that these are among the first Scouts on the island to have gained this badge in recent times.

It was an intense course, four hours every Saturday in February. The syllabus covered such topics as Nautical Terminology, and Flotation Devices. The boys learnt the different parts of the vessel and were given a tour on board one of the Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Ships. Most of the sessions were conducted in the water where they learnt of the various types of Personal Flotation Devices as well as doing some IRC Paddling and Capsize drills. In addition to the many knots in their repertoire, they were taught to tie eight new knots and to tie a “monkey fist” for a heaving line.

Sessions in sea survival saw the boys jumping off the Coast Guard pier, to a simulated abandon ship drill. Our boys were truly challenged and motivated as they were able to sharpen their leadership and teamwork skills. The administration of the First Barbados Sea Scouts Group are truly grateful to the members of the Training Unit of the Barbados Coast Guard and do look forward to a continued relationship with the members of this Troop.

Congrats to the boys:-

* Nkosci Agard

* Christopher Brathwaite

* Nicholas Brathwaite

* Joshua Bynoe

* Demetrius Carter

* Shaquon Grosvenor

* Akeem Harewood

* Teshawn Hazelwood

* Stephan Mason

* Terrell Mason

* Tyler Mason

* Jean- Luc Parris

* Aaron- Reid Cox

* Samuel Springer

* Ajani Trotman

Upcoming Events

In preparation for Founder’s Day Service and Parade an Initial Course will be conducted at the Lester Vaughan School on Saturday March 2. This course is for those adults who have indicated an interest in Scouting and will be their first taste of what Scouting is all about.

During the afternoon, more specifically at 3:15 p.m., there will be a presentation of Chief Scout Bronze and Mahogany Awards at the Lester Vaughan venue. Over 30 Cub Scouts will receive this top sectional Award while 9 Beaver Scouts will receive their top award. The feature address will be brought by Dr. Allyson Leacock, the CEA of the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership.

On March 10, 2013 the annual Founder’s Day Parade and Service will be held at the Gymnasium. Parents are asked to reserve that day to share with the boys and young men of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. As a matter of fact adults are encouraged to set this afternoon aside and share with the Scouts on this their big day.

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