People must come first

Congratulations to the DLP. The people of Barbados have made their choice, and have given you the opportunity to take Barbados to the next level.

The race is over and it’s time to sit together as one, working towards making things even better for all Barbadians. Show the world the power that Barbadians poses when it comes to doing things for the good of all Barbadians.

I hope that you’ve learned a valuable lesson from the outcome of the election It’s crystal clear that the people must come first before the party or anything else. Put you pride and differences aside for the good of all Barbadians.

Back to the business at hand. And now you are going to have to show the people of Barbados what you are working with. The same way you went to the people to get the votes, try going back and finding out how they feel about different things that you are going to make choices regarding the lives and well being of all Barbadians. Barbados is not too big that this cannot be done.

Each and every one of you is working for the people of Barbados. Give them a chance to have some input in some of the choices that you are going to make, as they have given you a chance to get the job done. I wish each and every one in Barbados nothing but the best in and out of life, and may you be prosperous in all that you do.

The party is over, and it’s time to buckle down, and make some serious changes.

May the leaders that you have chosen respect the trust that you have in them, and they will live up to your expectations. If not all then most.

May The Most High continue to guide them in the right direction to do what’s right for the good of all Barbadians.

— Charles Cadogan

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