Embracing natural beauty

nubianknotsfoundationschoolNot even fire could stop the girls of the Christ Church Foundation School from being Hair and Proud.

Around 12:30 this afternoon, a fire in the vacant lot behind the Industrial Arts section of the Church Hill, Christ Church school delayed the start of the event, which was to be held in the school’s auditorium. An emergency bell was rung and students, teachers and contest’s judges assembled on the school field to escape the smoke and ash. A fire tender arrived on the scene just before 1 p.m., and was able to diminish the blaze. Due to the fire, organisers of the event decided to move the hair competition to the nearby Christ Church Parish Centre, and school went on as usual.

Guest speaker of the event, Dr. Rosina Wiltshire encouraged the students to think of the fire as a good sign for the future.

“Fire is a symbol of getting rid of old things and making way for new things. You are leading us into the new. Today is a new day for Barbados…the region…and the world,” she said.

Alison Hinds speaking to Shaina Cox.
Alison Hinds speaking to Shaina Cox.

The gender specialist also told the participants they were serving as role models because they embraced their natural beauty, adding, “we have to understand that though the ideals of beauty are based on Europeans, we are beautiful as we are…We are part of the diversity of God’s creation.”

Even though it was a scaled-down version of what was originally planned, participants in the competition still showed off their unique hairstyles with pride. Before judges, made up of soca diva Alison Hinds, other past students and natural hairstylists, the students contested in the locks, twists, cornrows, Nubian knots, afros and puffs and combination styles categories. Some of them were defending champions and as well as created the styles they showcased.

The winners will be announced later this week. (LW)

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  1. bajanfishermen February 26, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Imagine we have to resort to a contest, to embrace our natural beauty? However we can get to their minds, that they are beautiful, without resorting to all types of chemicals and weave to have self esteem is good.
    Now lets hope this natural beauty can be duplicated all our our Island. Gosh, i am so tired of getting on a bus, only to be picking up bits of weave all across the seat. Fuh true!!


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