Stuart again!

by Emmanuel Joseph

Denis Kellman could well be saying "Five more years"
Denis Kellman could well be saying “Five more years”

There was no fanfare and placard bearing supporters were no where to be seen at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, The Garrison tonight. Only the sound of a smattering of applause from residents in the distance when Returning Officer Egaton Thompson declared Prime Minister Freundel Stuart the winner of the poll in the St. Michael South constituency.

Stuart, who won in all 16 boxes “destroyed” the Barbados Labour Party’s Noel Lynch by a massive margin of 1,246 votes.

The final tally was Stuart 2,705, Lynch 1,459 and Alex Mitchell of the Bajan Freedom Party, 43. There were 18 spoilt ballots.

The closest Lynch came to beating the incumbent Prime Minister was in the UD2, A to Z box where the Democratic Labour Party political leader received 45 votes and the former BLP minister of tourism, obtained 42.Apart from that, Stuart maintained a “gulf” between his two competitors in the remaining 15 boxes.

Just over an hour after the polls closed at 6 p.m., the first set of boxes arrived at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School counting centre, in a Transport Board bus at 7:08 p.m. , and the second and final boxes in another Transport Board bus at 7:16 p.m. accompanied by the usual police security, electoral officials and agents of the two major political parties.

Inside the yard of the school, more than half dozen police officers were evident.†On the outside, some residents opened their doors and looked on at the proceedings.

The BLP’s Lynch was seen making a brief visit to the counting station just after the polls closed and left soon afterward.

The atmosphere was generally quiet throughout the night as those at the counting centre, including some police officers on duty and even election officials, showed particular interest in the results from other constituencies as they were broadcast from a small television set in the media area.

Up to the time when most officials and agents had left the scene after a winner was declared, neither Stuart nor Lynch had come to the centre.

In the lead up to the general election, the candidates for both major parties had expressed confidence they would be victorious. (EJ)

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  1. Ted Brathwaite February 25, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Upward and Onward – Together

    By Ted Brathwaite

    With political battles fought and the war of 2013 over

    The electorate has granted the DLP five years more power

    The party has a mandate there is important work to do

    IMF and bondholders will be watching the government too.

    So let’s put partisan differences aside

    And move forward with all eyes open wide

    Government and opposition together must pursue transformation

    It is needed now as both opportunities and great risks face our nation.

    The cost of fuel threatens to increase our national debt

    And the need for renewable energy sources is greater yet

    Trade and Jobs, especially for youth must be a top priority

    Currently, cost of living pressures burden the economy.

    Health care and education are not national bookends

    Needs and costs in these areas are setting trends

    Infrastructure renewal will benefit every home

    And tourism, while important, cannot standalone.

    Abundant wind, sun and rain are at our disposal

    They can impact strategies for renewal and garbage disposal

    New approaches are necessary regarding food production and energy

    Farmers need incentives as well as stiffer penalties for praedial larceny.

    We need greater rigor on transportation and pollution controls,

    More efficient licensing and regulation of vehicles, new and old

    Housing, drug enforcement and wellness strategies for both aged and young

    Will buttress mind and body and help keep us strong.

    Government, do call on expatriates in the diaspora

    To lend expertise and invest in infrastructure

    Technology must be leveraged as you new goals pursue

    Work force re-training by us in “foreign” can make a difference too.

    Barbados is our shared jewel; it binds us all

    There is nothing to gain by watching a nation fall;

    The benefits of cooperation are great and, like a rising tide

    They’ll touch us all as we, together, an economic wave ride.

    © 2013 L. Ted Brathwaite


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