Sticking with Steve

by Kamilah Cadogan

“We believe in Steve!”

dlpblackettwinsThis was the chant that went up outside the gates of the Combermere School in the wee hours of this morning after Democratic Labour Party incumbent Steve Blackett was declared the winner in the St. Michael Central constituency.

Tears of joy streamed down the faces of some supporters, while others danced and jumped with joy in the road. As cars carrying other DLP supporters passed the school, they honked their horns loudly inciting more cheers and screams.

Blackett arrived about ten minutes after the returning officer declared him the winner, and his vehicle was immediately mobbed with supporters at the entrance to the school. He and his wife Eleanor were all too happy to get out to receive hugs, smiles, handshakes and kisses.

As he was surrounded by the love from his people, there were tears of happiness in his eyes as his wife beamed with pride. One supporter started a chant of “Dems now! Dems again!”

Speaking to the media, Blackett admitted that the race was very close, the final tally being 2,117 votes in favour of the DLP and 2,078 for his Barbados Labour Party opponent, Arthur Holder. At one point during the counting process, Holder was leading by five votes, news that brought a big grin to the face of his campaign manager.

Blackett said after his victory that he had faced two other candidates in two previous elections, Rudy Grant and Ishmael Roett, but he would not ever again want to face an opponent like Holder.

And with the sound of horns blaring and supporters screaming, Blackett drove through the gates of Combermere school and on to the DLP headquarters in George Street to celebrate with his victorious compatriots.

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