Quiet in St. Lucy

dlpkellmanwinsThe most exciting thing that occurred at the Daryll Jordan Secondary School counting centre perhaps was the arrival of the entourage with the ballot boxes.

The all-important cargo arrived at 7:15 p.m. and it was an hour and 15 minutes before counting started. The general atmosphere could best be described as quiet and reserved, with no crowds outside the polling station and neither candidate in attendance.

The members of the media pool had little to do except interact among themselves.

All this changed, however, immediately after the declaration was made that Denis Kellman had again captured the St. Lucy seat in House of Assembly, even though the cheering by the small gathering could still be considered subdued.

Kellman, in his acceptance speech, after Returning Officer Lesa Collins made the official announcement, said the residents of St. Lucy had spoken and that he would continue to serve the people of St. Lucy with strength and honesty, and would continue to promote the policies of the party.

Kellman thanked all those who had supported him as he was rushed away to a planned celebration. (RGW)

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