Lowe on a high

by Leigh-Ann Worrell

dlplowewinsIt was the best 55th birthday gift any politician could ever ask for.

Dr. Denis Lowe recaptured the Christ Church East seat with a wide margin, beating newcomer Wilfred Abrahams.

At 1:10 this morning, Returning Officer Rupert Greaves declared Lowe the winner with a comfortable 3,255 votes, ahead of Abraham’s 2,487. Twenty-three votes were rejected.

“I am feeling extremely happy and blessed. It has been a long, long process since we had been here for the last election, and we had been able to fight back a lot of circumstances that could have otherwise discouraged us,” he said to the media just before 2 a.m.

“This campaign was a strange, strange campaign and it was certainly not a campaign I would wish to see again in this constituency because of the behaviour of the opposing campaigner… There is a lot of work to be done and we are going to start working tomorrow.”

Even though the latest CADRES poll predicted it was possible he could lose his seat, Lowe led in every box except one, XC3, and was therefore the clear winner from very early in the night. By 1:30 a.m., supporters had already gathered in clusters outside the gate of the St. Christopher Primary School, laughing and singing the mellow chorus of Swing Low. By the time the crowd of yellow swelled a few minutes later, trucks and cars unloaded supporters chanting a more rhythmic “reach high, vote Lowe”.

The happy throng kept singing and dancing, as they waited for a glimpse and a touch for the man they had voted for. Once he emerged out of the school gates, the more than 20-strong crowd greeted their representative with a loud rendition of the happy birthday song, before congratulating Lowe on the victory. leighannworrell@barbadostoday.bb

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